Community Showcase

As a member of the San Diego community I like to “showcase” a local business and get their name out there to my clients and their friends. My bit of “give back” to work together. Enjoy!

Benchmark Brewing

Benchmark Brewing
Matt Akin, Owner/Brewer
6190 Fairmount Avenue
Unit G
San Diego, CA  92120

Meet Matt and Rachael Akin, owners of Benchmark Brewing an excellent local brewery. Benchmark is a small family owned company with a top brewer at the helm. Matt has been creating craft beer since his days at Alesmith. He and his father, Jim Akin, are some of the most knowledgeable and respected brewers around town. Benchmark beer is a strong competitor in a crowded field of craft beer breweries. Check out their Oatmeal Stout and so many other excellent beers. You will love the inviting venue, designed by Rachael. Events, tasting, food trucks, they have it all. And, oh, the beer will not disappoint. These guys are the real thing!

Over the years Wall-it has completed hundreds of projects for a wide variety of clientele, including Homeowners, Designers, Architects, Property Managers, City Planners, Engineers, and Public Relation Departments with the aim of adding color and inspiration to our world.

Jeanne and John create their art on interior or exterior walls, including living areas, patios and fireplaces. They can create a landmark on a public wall, or a destination on a plain wall. The can change the entire feel of a space!

They are involved in every step of the process of creating artwork, from design to painting and installation. Projects usually take 4-8 weeks to complete from initial contact and include; Design, Painting, and Installation.

Their work includes, Murals, Trompe L’oeil (to fool the eye murals), Kid’s Rooms, Decorative Art, Faux Finish, Artistic Signs from 2 ft x 2ft. to 40 ft height x 200 ft width. They can restore your environment with replicating color, stains, wood graining, stencils, mural painting, marble, and granite. Jeanne and John can also work from a photograph to create a personalized mural. And don’t forget them if you need an artistic hand painted sign including all sizes on walls or panels.

You can see some of their work around San Diego and elsewhere on Retail and Corporate properties, Schools, Churches, Airports, Shopping Centers, Banks, and Hotels.

John and Jeanne have an amazing list of references and testimonials – check out their website for more information.

Call Jeanne and John and see what they can do for your home or investment property!

Paint Brush Balboa by Lori Brookes

Paint Brush Balboa, by ©Lori Brookes